What’s missing from Parkview?

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 What’s missing from Parkview?


     Parkview as a school prides itself as being a place where anyone can come and find an activity that can fall in love with. Whether a students love be art, music, writing, and anything in between. And for many people that may be true, but how do make sure you cater to everyone when over a thousand people attend the school? With all the people at the school, it’s hard to take every voice into consideration. Therefore, a couple of students have been given the outlet to state what they feel can be added to the parkview experience.


     To some, there isn’t enough appreciation of culture at the school. Hosana Rojas Carneiro, a 16 year old junior, expressed her concern about the lack of a representation of the hispanic heritage. Hi sans stated that she would like for their to be an assembly, considering hispanic heritage month had just started. It was important to her that her and many other students at Parkview had their heritage celebrated, especially since the last time they did such a thing was her freshman year and there are some many new faces who may like to partake in the celebration.


Another junior at Parkview by the name of Breanna Brasfield, feels that there is a lack of attention on the visual art magnet. Brasfield stated, “ Every other magnet already has its own event. Drama has fall and spring shows along with dance, but the art magnet gets nothing but the senior showcase.” As far as showcasing their talents to the rest of the school, Breanna doesn’t feel like the art magnet is given an opportunity to shine like the other magnets.The lost representation they’re able to get is if they can manage to get one of their pieces on a wall inside of the school.


Instead of waiting for anyone to do anything for them, Hosana and several of her classmates began to band together in order to make a hispanic heritage program happen this year as well. Several students have already expressed interest to join in the effort and the invitation for all other students to join has been extended. This goes to show that even though Parkview may not initially have something for everybody, if enough support and care can be rallied about a certain topic then it will most definitely be catered to.