Changes to the Block Scheduling

The change in administration also brought big changes for students in scheduling.

One of the major changes was the addition of an hour lunch. The decision to add this was made by the new principal, Mr. James Castleberry.

Castleberry said he was eager to make the change to allow for more teacher-student interaction outside of the classroom. The hour lunch also allows for club meetings over a longer period of time.

The idea to add an hour lunch came from his personal experience as a teacher, Castleberry said.

The major change had to be approved before putting it into place. Teachers and staff were polled to see if they would benefit from it and if they wanted to try it. Assistant principals, Ms. Jasmine Jeter and Mrs. Philicia Bell, made a mock lunch duty schedule for teachers to see how  everything would work. That schedule was then sent downtown for the school district to approve. Once approved, the plan was set into motion, and assistant principals worked to “tweak” the schedule to make sure that it was in compliance with all district rules.

Child nutrition and cafeteria staff were involved in the decision to ensure that students would have enough time to eat and that the lunch line service would be efficient and as quick as possible. The addition took about two weeks to set in place.

In addition to the scheduling changes, the counselors and registrar worked most of the summer to make sure the scheduling for students’ classes was less chaotic than it had been in previous years.

Last year, students were back and forth from the office trying to make scheduling changes. Administration improved the process  by beginning to build schedules in December instead of waiting until late into the spring semester.

The process begins student’s taking home a schedule request and having parents sign off. The schedules were then checked for things like missing graduation or seal requirements and errors were then eliminated. 

 Castleberry’s said he thought, “It’s been great, everyone is supportive of it.”