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Diversity of student population surprising according to numbers

Aaron Perez

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Race Race Count Race Percentage
Asian 17 1.53%
Black 691 62.25%
Hispanic or Latino 207 18.65%
Native American/Alaskan Native 1 0.09%
Two or More Races 15 1.35%
White 179 16.13%
Primary Race- Total 1,110 100.00

Parkview is known for having a variety of races and cultures, and for celebrating individual differences.

At the Hispanic Heritage program in September, there were a wide variety of flags present, which showed all the different backgrounds in the school. Among those were flags from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua to name a few.

According to the numbers, we also have a few Asian students and also students with two or more races. Surprisingly, white students were one of the minorities, following hispanics population which has surpassed them. Black was the larges rage percentage at almost 63 percent.  There were 15 students who were one or more races and one student who was native american.

However, that does not represent all the students who come from different countries to be here. For example, Vanessa Rogers-Wright was born where Goodmayes, SX in the United Kingdom, but both parents grew up in West Africa in Sierra Leone. Her mother was born in the United States but went back to Africa when she was six months old to live with her grandmother. Her father was born in the United Kingdom, but his parents moved to West Africa, and he was raised there.

In September, we had the second Hispanic Heritage Program to give a nod to the culture of some of the hispanic students in the school. According to Mr. Roberto Candelaria the program was a success and it represented the different cultures here at Parkview. The program was put together by Ms. Millicent Cunningham and her Spanish classes.

“We had one [a Hispanic Heritage Program] two years ago and I think its getting better and better every year,” Candelaria said. Candelaria was the guest singer at the first show, and said that  good friend of his sang at the second show and did a great job.

Candelaria said that he believes the program helps to welcome hispanic students and helps give other students empathy for their plight. “Especially when the students were telling their personal stories and what they and their families have to go through,” Candelaria said.

When describing the Latino population at school, Candelaria said, “I think everybody gets along and its a great school and a great place to be.”

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Diversity of student population surprising according to numbers