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Burger 21 makes tasty, compact burgers

If size really matters, this restaurant fails

Aaron Miller, Constitution Newspaper Staff

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Burger 21 is one of the best restaurants in Little Rock when it comes to notsofancyfare. They have impeccable service, and it’s just good vibes all around the restaurant.

But all these good things come at an expense.

And yes, for a burger, it’s rather expensive.

A customer in line spent $61.72 on a three burgers, two shakes and two pounds of fries. While pricey, these are some of the best burgers in town.

The extraordinary service ties in with the exquisite food.

Each order is prepared to the customer’s specifications and has a number attached to the meal, so it’s out on time all the time.

On the menu they have numerous burger choices, with sides. Their lowest costing burger, “Burger 101”, is $5.99 plus tax. But this is in high contrast with their highest costing burger, “The OMG!” which costs a whopping $10.99. Burger 21 has a large selection of salads, ranging from about $3 to $14. They have numerous desserts including milkshakes, cookies, and sundaes. For those who prefer fowl instead of bovine, the restaurant carries chicken tenders.

Other entrees include sliders, hot dogs, and non-beef burgers. The burgers cost a pretty penny but are worth it in taste.

This restaurant is an eight on a scale of 1-10 with one visit made so far. During that visit we ate the predictable burger-fry combo meal. Other reviews were not as favorable as this one, citing the restaurants poor service, confusing menu and employees who gave “no help.” However, as with many new establishments, they may have just had a few hiccups after opening … everyone is entitled to have growing pains. Having said that, Burger 21 seems to have it all in one bag now.

There was one drawback: The prices don’t match up with the portion size. It seems that $6 should buy a bigger than average burger. Expectations were dashed after a very ordinary sized burger arrived. It was very tasty, but not as large as was hoped.

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Burger 21 makes tasty, compact burgers