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Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Review

Aaron Perez, Constitution reporter

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While there have been a couple of previous movies about the friendly neighborhood Spider Man, this movie focuses more on a young Peter Parker and how his life changes after becoming the masked super hero. The movie mostly focuses on Peter  Parker (Tom Holland) for about the first hour of the movie and shows him working on the Stark Internship and introducing everything that is going on in his life. Peter for the first half of the movie is scouted by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) while Stark gives him a new and more advanced suit so he can be better than the initial one he had. With this being the first installment of the new Spider Man franchise since the MCU started, I can see them moving forward and putting Spidey in more future movies that Marvel has planned out. Even though other critics are calling the movie Iron Man 4 due to Tony Stark’s involvement in the movie. I believe that the movie is well rounded and is taking a new approach as the previous movies depicted Spider Man to look a bit older than what he looks like in this movie.

Overall the movie shows a new approach as it introduces new characters in the movie. Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) works with a salvage company and they are brought in to clean up the city and are relieved of their duties once the Department of Damage Control take over. Toomes and his company take some of the technology that they found at the workplace and use it to create and sell advanced weapons. Years pass and Peter Parker is added to the Avengers and continues his studies at the Midtown School of Science and Technology as he is not ready to become an Avenger just yet. The film also introduce Liz Allan (Laura Harrier) as Parker’s crush and the daughter on his enemy Adrian Toomes also known as Vulture.

With Jon Watts directing the film and his combination of screenplay, action thrilled and fast pace the movie is well done while adding a more younger core as the main cast and also introducing Holland as the new Spider-Man. The film also recieved a lot of positive critics and reviews praising the young actors and also the overall tone of the storyline. The storyline features Peter Parker as his alter ego Spider Man and also a student at Midtown High School. Although he is not as big and strong as some of the other Avengers, Spider Man finds a way to use his web-slinging powers as well as his young experience and under the expertise of Tony Stark to develop and get him ready to become a future Avenger. The story starts after Uncle Ben’s death and after the radioactive spider gives him his powers. As Peter strives to be one of the “cool” kids in school, he also has the responsibility of being Spider Man in his free time and protect the city from any harm or dangerous threats that come in his way.

The villian for this movie is actually Vulture, who from the comics is also one of Spider Man’s enemies. When seeing the theatrical poster of the movie, I thought that he was actually a new villian to be included in a real life movie since we had only seen him in comics. With some technical skills, the ability to fly, and also his arsenal of tech at his side he proves to be one of the toughest villians that Parker might experience as Spider Man. The involvement of tech and high advanced weapons in the movie is a new improvement as well, because introducing those you can see some of the weapons at the disposal of the Avengers. Another nice feature that they added was that Spider Man really is back home and also the transitions of him dealing with his daily life and then having huge responsibilities in his time away from school.


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Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Review