Rats were a problem at the beginning of the school year.

Center for Disease Control (CDC.gov)

Rats were a problem at the beginning of the school year.

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Although there have always been mice and rats around the campus in search of food, the number of  rats and mice seems larger and they are more pervasive than any other year, according to Ms. Judy Zink, assistant principal.

For students, the rules for food around campus have remained the same, and most teachers do not allow students to eat or drink in the class. Other teachers take it a step further, and do not even allow them bring it in the classroom; instead, they insist students either throw it away or put it in their locker, and if they are late, then they get a tardy slip.

Because the fear of vermin possibly being in classrooms, some teachers do not allow students to bring water into the classroom.

Daniel Mendoza, senior, said that “It doesn’t ever bother me, because I never see the critters, but you never know.”

Enma Galicia, senior, said that “Roaches I can deal with it, but rats are more serious, I feel like if a place has rats then it’s a real problem.”

Zink said that the janitors placed traps with peanut butter or cheese (for the mice) and sticky traps (for the rodents and insects) in order to get rid of the vermin.

“ You can see the rats scurrying around before school.” Zink said in September.

Part of the issue, according to Zink is that the mice are no longer afraid of humans. In the past, when someone would walk by, the vermin would hide and wait till they left. In September, the rats showed their brazen nature –  they have gotten more bold and come out in the middle of class, Zink said.

She added that the vermin could cause a major health issue and that it just takes a few crumbs to have a family of mice scurrying around.