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Madea’s Boo 2 a hit with movie goers

By Kelton Farsee, Constitution Newspaper Staff

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Many students have talked about going to see Madea Boo 2 at the Cinemark Movie Theater at  18 Colonel Glenn Plaza. The movie was a dicotomy of sorts, since the genre was both a comedy and a horror movie. The movie theater itself was pretty amazing and different, because of the recliner chairs which were so comfortable that most people could probably go to sleep.

The movie was well directed, and it appeared that the characters gave 100 percent to make the movie very successful.

Unlike some of the other Madea movies by Tyler Perry, this one was really not for children under 12, mainly because of the profanity. However many children under 12 were spotted in the movie and seemed to be enjoying it immensely.  The profanity is probably what got the  movie its PG-13 rating, although it appeared that some parts were rated R and some other parts were rated G.

The movie was really funny as a family movie despite the profanity, and it was well attended on Oct. 24. One of the more hiliarious scenes was when Joe (played by Tyler Perry) ran up to the person with chain saw that had been chasing people and killing them. As he ran up, in a satirical move straight out of the movie “Get Out,” he says “Psyche” right as he ran up the killer and then turned and ran the other way. The crowd immediately got the allusion and were falling out of their seats laughing.

The movie had some great graphics, such as times when the whole screen seemed out of focus except for the person that the audience was supposed to focus on. That person would be crystal clear. The movie, which cost $20 million to produce according to Variety online, cleared its debts on the first day in the theaters. The online movie site said that Boo 2 led the pack of movies coming out that week, and broke even and made a little bit of money with $23 million dollars in box office sales across North America.

I attended the movie with a church group, and many of them found it funny and entertaining. At first, one the parents with a small child gasped about the language, but then settled in to enjoy the movie. The movie could have been improved. The things I saw that I thought  they need to improve were to tone down or eliminate the profanity.

There were things that were done very well also. For example, the setting was near the woods, which helped to foreshadow the evil and scariness that lurked in the area. The people playing the evil characters did a good job with their roles despite the fact that most of them did not have a single line of dialogue. In the movie, Tyler Perry and his ex wife are divorced and do not get along in the least despite he fact that they have a teenage daughter. Perry’s daughter is frightened during much of the movie, because her friends disappear throughout the film.

On a scaled of one to ten, I would give this movie a seven, and would recommend that adults see the movie, but get a sitter for those children under the tender age of 12, so they don’t have to have the adult words talk with their children.

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Madea’s Boo 2 a hit with movie goers