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Does eSchool really rule?

Another day, another grade.

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Aaron Miller, Constitution Staff

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The new school year brought new software and a ton of confusion as Edline was replaced by eSchool by the state. 

Students and teachers were somewhat unhappy with the change. While a newer, better technology is usually a welcome addition, this one was not what the students or the staff had envisioned.

While the rules surrounding grade posting were the same for teachers across the district, the “bugs” in the program have concerned teachers and substantially delayed students.

Ms. Megan Kuykendall, who teaches EAST, said that sometimes she was unable to log in and it was “kind of a pain,” but it’s good since students check their names more often. Kuykendall said she “believed students accessed it more often because of the numerous requests” she gets for passwords.

For about five weeks into the school year, students could not access or view their grades, which led to major problems for most  students.

Student Olivia Brooks, sophomore, said, “I started my school year out rough.”

Without seeing her grades, she didn’t know what was going on or how she was doing when juggling her acadekmic role.

Another sophomore, Jerale Anderson, said,“Starting out blind wasn’t as bad,” but, he regrets its, and he wishes that he would’ve at least known.

Another student, Ania Franklin, junior, exclaimed, “ It was absolutely terrible,” she said, “ I had time to fail, I needed to know what was going on inside and out. Given that teachers rarely ever pass out papers.”

Not only this, but students prefer Edline over eSchool.  Students said that eSchool is harder to get into, making it really time consuming. “ I prefer to stick with the old rather than the new,” said Brooks. Other students described eSchool as being complicated, causing a lot of people to check grades less often. Mainly because the website and app is harder to access without costing students precious time.


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Does eSchool really rule?