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Many sports are no longer played at Parkview

Coaches cite disinterest, lack of advertising as reason

Last years archery team at nationals

Last years archery team at nationals

Last years archery team at nationals

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Parkview High School offers many sports. Sports such as swimming, golf, tennis, bowling, and softball don’t get very much attention. 

Mr. Eric Henderson said, “ when sports aren’t as popular in society, they won’t be as popular in schools.” He was  asked why these sports aren’t advertised and his response was that coaches may not think that people will show up.

Mr. Nicholas Berjot, French teacher, has coached tennis on and off due to lack of student interested. He believes that takes will to learn, time, and money. “To be at the lowest competitive level you’d have to have played for at least three years.

Mr. David Rouby, science teacher, received archery training four years ago and the following school year,  organized the team. “Archery is not a mainstream, TV-oriented sport.” said Rouby, “ It is the introverts’ sport!” Unlike tennis, archery is fairly easy to start. Equipment is minimal and the uniform is simple. “ By accepting the challenge, students learn to discipline themselves and develop their sense of self-confidence, and their mental-maturity.” Archery provides many benefits to its participants.

Khaliah McCree, sophomore, believes that archery isn’t that popular. She believes this sport does not require as much athleticism.

Keyandre Lee, freshman, believes that some students are too lazy to play sports. He also believes that some people aren’t athletic enough to play sports.

Jordan Nesmith, sophomore, and Destiny Beasley, senior, believe that golf, archery, bowling, and swimming are the least popular. These sports are the least popular, in their opinion, because the are not highly advertised.

Rayana Muldrow, sophomore, also believes that swimming, bowling, and archery are the least popular. She also added softball to the list. “ Some people don’t have the time or patience to learn how to play.”

Gavin Pratt, freshman, is considering playing baseball this year. He thinks that others don’t have the time to play with all of their schoolwork. He believes that some sports are bigger than others.

Sports are large part of student life in any school. Parkview offers basketball, football, cheer, drill team, swimming, baseball, softball, archery, bowling, volleyball, tennis, golf, and soccer. If there are any questions about anything pertaining to sports contact Coach John Kelly, sports director.

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Many sports are no longer played at Parkview