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Parkview Soccer
December 7, 2017

Not everyone at Parkview uses a locker, but if you want one, there are plenty available.

Most locker users store things that they plan to use later in the day, like supplies, backpacks, purses and any personal belongings. Then there’s the other side. “I don’t use it at all,” said Jose Flores, junior.

Coach John Kelley acknowledged that there were a small percentage of lockers that were broken, but said there is still enough lockers for every student at the school.

Kelley said that about 8 percent  of the lockers were not working, which is about 120 lockers out of a total of 1,504. Everyone was assigned a locker at the beginning of the year, and if, by chance, they have any problem or concern with it, then they should go see  Kelley so he can assign them a new one.

Kelley warned that while not everyone can have a top locker, there are plenty of lockers so that each student can have their own.

Not all students were unhappy if they got bottom lockers.

Vonteryun Nash, freshman, said that he has a working locker, which is on the bottom, and it doesn’t cause any problems for him.Naunely Soto, junior, agreed he was happy to have a locker and enjoys having one on the bottom.

CJ Whit, senior, said he had a working locker, and he had a top locker this year.

Sophomore, Giancarlo Rodriguez, said that his locker was close to the library, was working, and was a top locker.

Jose Flores said that he does not use his locker at all and since he doesn’t use it, he doesn’t put anything in there at all.

Parkview currently has 1,105 students enrolled. There are 283 freshmen, 287 sophomore, 272 juniors and 263 seniors.

For students who bought their back packs before realizing that they needed to be clear or mesh, those lockers may come in  handy, since the backpacks are not allowed in the classroom.

“[If students don’t have a clear or mesh backpack] they need to store it in their locker. They are not allowed to have them in the classroom, and they are not allowed to walk around the school with them,” said Kelley.

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