From left to right: Bae Noo-ri, Liv Hewson, and Sean Dulake

From left to right: Bae Noo-ri, Liv Hewson, and Sean Dulake

Chris Luckie

Claire Duncan (Liv Hewson) lives a hum drum life consumed into the episodes of her favorite Korean soap operas. After working a shift at her father’s sandwich shop, she gets sucked into a portal that sends her to Dramaworld. Dramaworld is the universe where all K Dramas coexist together. She is shown the ropes by, Seth (Justin Cho) who is a facilitator of K Dramas. He reveals that Claire’s primary mission is to help bring the leading lady, Seo Yoon (Noo Ri Bae) and leading man, Joon Park (Sean Dulake) together. Slowly but surely, Claire accidentally inserts herself into the narrative of the show.

Claire Duncan is what Netflix was trying to achieve with Sierra Burgess but failed. She is a self proclaimed, “loser”, but unlike Sierra Burgess; Claire is selfless and kind. In the real world she lives as a “background character”, often times ignored and is content with her life. Her trusty mentor, Seth is a goofy background character in Dramaworld whose motives are clear as day for most viewers.

Sean Dulake is just as promising as the male lead in this show along with his show in Dramaworld. He is arrogant yet charming. He is stubborn yet kind. He manages to retain presence even in this star studded cast. And boy is there a lot of them. It is after all, Dramaland; a metropolis of K-Drama stars.

If you hadn’t figured out by now this show is a strong satire of Korean dramas, however it is not in mean spirit. It embraces and romanticizes its good qualities while poking fun of its shortcomings and clichés; such as the leading man involuntarily having to save any woman who falls. The episodes are really short which is great for those who need a show to watch in between binging seasons. The downfall is that they usually run between 12-22 minutes and there’s only one season, so you could finish it in about three hours. Each episode ends in a cliffhanger making you anxious for the next one.

Overall, it is a pretty good show. No, it isn’t  phenomenal television programming that could rival Netflix’s Stranger Things, but when you take it for it what it truly is, a satirical comedy for pure entertainment, you will be quite satisfied. I would rate this show a 8/10 stars, its above average, but could really use more production support.