Mikylon Weaver, Staff Writer



     BROCKHAMPTON’s rise to stardom has been a rollercoaster of emotion. The group first saw a spark of success after the release of their debut albums, SATURATION 1, 2, and 3. The group received praise for the individual talents of those in the group, the quality of music production, and their ability to release 3 quality albums over the course of one year. After the release of the SATURATION trilogy, the group were on fire with no sign of slowing down. But unfortunately, they would soon run into a huge roadblock. Ameer Vann, member of the group and the face of all three SATURATION albums, was accused of sexual misconduct by several women. On May 27, 2018, BROCKHAMPTON made the decision to kick Ameer Vann out of the group because of these allegations.


Not only did the group lose a key member, but they also lost a friend and almost their entire careers. At the time, many people thought this situation would be the death of BROCKHAMPTON. The group would try to prove this wrong with the release of their fourth album, IRIDESCENCE, but the album didn’t receive anywhere near the praise of the last three albums. After the release of this album, the group decided to take time to properly heal from their loss, and in the process they made their fifth album, GINGER. 


    In the process of healing, BROCKHAMPTON seemed to be closer than ever on GINGER. Every member of the group gave some of their best performances to date. The album feels like a slice of their journey through dealing with their pain and showed that they have come out on the other side better because of it. This theme is most evident in the song DEARLY DEPARTED, a song in which the group goes into details about the losses they’ve had to cope with in life, making for a very emotional statement, especially with the inclusion of a music video for the song.


     When listening to GINGER, it feels as if the group had no other alternative motives than to mold their current life situation into the best music they possibly could, and they succeeded in doing so. It is without a doubt the best album they’ve released so far.