“Gone” by Michael Grant Review


Anna Reynolds, Constitution Staff Writer

         “Gone” by Michael Grant is the first book in the next series to read for fans of thriller and dystopia. Set in the small town of Perdido Beach in southern California, it is centered around the community when everyone above the age of 15 disappears. 

        In a snap, just like that, they all vanish except for the kids. A magical force field is thrown up around the town, and the inhabitants are trapped in a place with dwindling food supply and limited resources. Suddenly, it’s a blood-battle for power and food. Some of the population begins to mutate, showing mysterious, and dangerous, powers, while others stay normal. But what happens when those powers are gifted to the wrong sort of people? The entire town turns into a battle of bullies and the bullied, powered and normal, strong and weak. Chaos ensues as everyone below the age of 15 struggles to survive in this new savage world – but they better watch out. Because as soon as they turn 15, they’ll vanish like everyone else did. Powers or not, they all vanish in the end. And although they don’t know where they go when they vanish, they have to hope that somehow, they’ll end up with their family in the world outside the force field. They just have to make sure that they can survive until then.

        With high ratings from famous authors, the “Gone” series is definitely not one you’ll be wanting to miss out on. Stephen King said he would recommend it because he loved the books. The novel was reviewed by “Voya”, who said, “If Stephen King had written “Lord of the Flies”, it might have been a little like this.” 

        The book is also a part of a six book series, which, for binge-readers, is a huge jackpot. Each book is around 500 pages, allowing a long and thrilling read in a race to find out what happens to the beloved – and hated – characters. The book showcases a struggle for survival as these children see just how much they are willing to sacrifice just to live another day. 

        This book is recommended for those 14 and older based on content such as language and violence. People who find graphic scenes easily stomach-churning may consider waiting to read this book, even if they are already 14, because of the depicted violence scattered throughout the book.

        Overall, the book “Gone” is a fantastic book for readers who enjoy thrillers. If you enjoyed reading “The Hunger Games”, “Divergent”, “The Maze Runner”, and “Ender’s Game”, this is the next book to read.