Tall Girl Review

Tall Girl Review

Christopher Luckie, Staff Writer

September 13th, 2019, Netflix released their anti-bullying teen comedy, Tall Girl. It was met with less than ideal reactions from social media and just about anyone who wasted 105 minutes of their precious time.

Tall Girl follows Jodie (played by Ava Michelle), who is 6ft tall and is bullied because of her significant height. She falls in love with a Swedish foreign exchange student named, Stig. That’s it. That’s the whole plot to the movie.

The movie is littered with Jodie’s classmates and their uncreative insults such as, “how’s the weather up there” and “Taylor Swift more like Taller Swift”. Tall Girl had potential to expose society’s harmful beauty standards for women, but chose to deteriorate Jodie’s character. They gave her no sort of personality besides being tall and liking boys. It didn’t help that they made Jodi very attractive according to western beauty standards. She’s blonde, blue eyes, pretty face, but apparently too tall for the characters in this movie.

The movie also did no favors by casting all their actors under 5ft 5 in. Their portrayal of high school was of course unrealistic. The “mean girl”, Kimmy (Clara Wilsey) is a bully for absolutely no reason, there is somehow nobody over 6ft in the whole high school, and the only redeemable character is the father (Steve Zahn). The father makes numerous efforts to try to connect with his daughter, though unsuccessful it is a noble effort.

Enough of the bad qualities; this film those have better features. Ava Michelle is a pretty good actress, and Sabrina Carpenter was excellent per usual. Given the material they had, it’s a miracle the actors could do their parts any kind of justice. The movie was pretty watchable, and was entertaining enough to not drift off too often. Ava did bring some of her personal experience to the role; Ava experienced bullying on live television. She was a dancer on Dance Moms, before getting cut from Abby Lee’s team for…..being too tall. Yep, she insulted her, compared her side to side with the other girls,took her team jacket off her back, and Ava was officially off the team.The pain and humiliation Ava tried to use to bring Jodi, but the director had different plans.
I would give this movie a 2.5/5 stars . It’s pretty bad, but the cast was redeemable enough to save it.